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Guide - Vectra C / Signum tips & tricks
24-07-2013, 11:14 AM
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Guide - Vectra C / Signum tips & tricks
1 - Windows go up and down holding buttons on keyfob.

2 - Disconnect speak in boot for alarm to have horn go off instead

3 - Open drivers door and flash headlights and the lights and reverse lights will stay on for 30secs

4 - If you have sight and light pack the windows go up themselves if it rains while your out of the car.

5 -Sit in the car hold the lock button on the key and lock button on the door for about 10seconds/beep occurs for anti-hijack

6 - rear windscreen wiper sweeps when in reverse when front wipers are on

7 - If 1 of your brake lights fail the ECU uses another bulb in the cluster(red 1 of course)

8 - If you have electric memory seats then the car remembers the position of the seat, door mirrors and internal mirror for each key fob and adjusts them all back to that setting when each key unlocks the car.

9 - Parking lights
The front parking light and tail light of one side of the vehicle can be activated when parking:

1. Set light switch to 0 or AUTO .
2. Ignition off.
3. Move turn signal stalk all the way up (right parking light) or down (left parkinglight).
An acoustic signal sounds and control indicator <> illuminates briefly in the instrument cluster to indicate activation.
Remove the ignition key before leaving the vehicle.
To switch it off, switch on the ignition or move the turn signal stalk in the opposite direction.

10 - Press auto switch on ECC after you stopped the engine, it will activate residual aircondition.

11 - Hold the 'SETTINGS' or 'MAIN' button for 10 seconds/until a beep is heard on the stereo and then press it to cycle through the hidden screens

12 - If you dont have a TC switch then this may work on your car, it does on mine... With the engine running flick the ignition off and on quickly so it still runs. All the normal warning lights come on and then go off except the TC light this stays on and voila! TC is off!!

13 - On full CANBUS cars, when the fuel is low and !!RANGE!! appears, hold the round selector wheel down on the steering wheel to acknowledge the message and get your normal info display back.
(this works with other info, such as low washer fluid level aswell.)

14 - Radio Ignition On Logic is programmed per key.

15 - One-press unlock can be programmed similar to 5 above, but use Unlock button on the key fob.

16 - Wipers can be set to a vertical position after switching off the ignition (hold down the wiper stalk for a few seconds I think release when they are in the right position).

17 - If you unlock the car but do not open a door or the boot within about a minute the car will lock it's self again

18 - If you press the Un-lock button on the keyfob for more than 3 sec, the electric windows will open

19 - If you press the Lock-button on the keyfob for 3 sec, the windows will close/you can partly close the windows by stop pressing the button before windows fully closed.
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