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30-12-2017, 03:33 PM
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Suitable for extracting of hank yarns, woven textiles, knits, skeins, piece goods, etc. at high performance with minimum consumption of energy and time.
High quality stainless steel inner drum and outer basket for long service time
The inner drum features rim, suitable for manual loading and unloading.
Super silence and super balance for excellent working environment
This extractor uses the gliding support construction. The motor of rotating inner drum of the extractor is mounted on the center of the machine, so that, when the machine rotates at high speed, it does not cause neither noise nor shake.
Advanced inverter control for adjustable rotating speed and low energy consumption
The extractor, since the moment when it starts working, raises its speed slowly and automatically from 10r.p.m. to high speed, due to its electric inverter, so that it keeps the consumption of energy at the minimum level.
The extractor uses electrical brake instead of mechanical brakes thus reduces its mechanical maintenance greatly
Optional: pneumatic lid opening device for more safe and convenient operation.
Optional: Special fabric loading device is made of stainless steel. It is suitable for loading and unloading of knits, woven textiles, etc. for more convenient operation and on damage or pollution to the fabric.
Model Diameter of Basket
Height of
Basket Contents
Capacity Motor Power
TC-AB-800800 mm500 mm250ltr.50kgs150kgs2.2750 - 9601450×1150×1080
TC-AB-12001200 mm600 mm650ltr.110kgs350kgs5.5750 - 9601800×1600×1220
TC-AB-15001500 mm600 mm1000ltr.200kgs600kgs10750 - 9602150×1800×1300
TC-AB-H15001500 mm700 mm1200ltr.220kgs650kgs10750 - 9602150×1800×1400
TC-AB-18001800 mm800 mm1900ltr.320kgs1000kgs15600 - 7502550×2200×1530
TC-AB-H18001800 mm1000 mm2350ltr.400kgs1200kgs18.5600 - 7502550×2200×1730
TC-AB-20002000 mm800 mm2400ltr.400kgs1200kgs18.56002900×2400×1650
TC-AB-H20002000 mm1000 mm3000ltr.450kgs1350kgs226002900×2400×1850
We reserve our rights to change the specification without prior notice.
STARTEX is one of the largest China manufacturers of good quality hank yarn dehydrator. We are equipped with three professional factories which can assure you sufficient and quality hank yarn dehydrator.Dehydrator
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