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What the Best Class is in MapleStory 2
14-09-2018, 09:01 AM
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What the Best Class is in MapleStory 2
MapleStory 2 is the most recent improvement in the enchanting adventure game series. Here, players explore lands and can create their own personality. Before beginning your adventure, that said, you have the choice of picking one of eight courses. Every class has its own skill set and skills, setting them.

The courses at MapleStory2 Mesos include of Assassin, and those Knight Archer, Thief, Berserker, Priest, Heavy Gunner. While it can seem as they fall into damage and support functions, each class is perfectly capable of dealing damage and encouraging different characters with their abilities. 1 thing to note is that Priests have support abilities in the cost of damage output. However, when it comes down to picking the best class in MapleStory 2, the choice ultimately falls to your preference.

If you would rather slay enemies on the front lines and do not mind carrying damage for your group, you might want to think about taking a look at the Knight or even Berserker class who specialize in using greatswords and protects. If you enjoy fighting from a distance, Assassin function, Heavy Gunner, or even the Archer might right up your street.

These fighters use bows and firearms to assault or throw items in their enemies to battle back. On the other hand, those who favor more of a play style will want to look at the Priest or Wizard class in MapleStory 2. They can dish out a good amount of harm with an range of spells in their.

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